February 28, 2016


My heart's a jigsaw Eschered with small hearts:
Poets: Donne, Arnold, Hopkins, Eliot, Cole – 
Ancestors: captured, wed while on parole –
Family: formed from wandering in wild parts –
Bits of my heart. A house, view of the sea –
Rain-lilies, poincianas, jasmine scent –
Azaleas, goldfish, owls, field grass rain-bent –
Cafe on loud street – quiet library –
My jigsaw's nearly done, a work of heart!
But where’s that long-lost girl-shaped piece…
Lost, it prevents the whole, prevents my peace…
I circle endlessly for that lost part,
The missing statue for the purposed plinth,
That girl lost in some Escher labyrinth.

Published: The Lyric, USA, January 2016

February 21, 2016


Odin had a spider
In a web above his throne.
“Out!” he said; it came to him.
“And up!” he said; it grew.
“Legs go this way, legs go that!”
The wind began to moan.
Odin touched a spur to Sleipnir,
Through the storm they flew.

Published, Anima, UK, No.2, 2016

February 14, 2016


In the hard granite of a human chest
Love’s small explosions blast a cavity.
While pumps and sluices clear ore and debris,
Miners create a cavernous heart divest
Of wealth gone out. There may at times unfold
Sad tales of miners trapped by falling stone,
But life demands the risky work go on:
This treasure chest of granite’s veined with gold
The world demands be brought into the light.
A huge cathedral of the spirit’s left,
Caverns of empty worship, dream-bereft,
The treasures claimed by others as their right.

But flecks of gold still glitter in the gloom,
The heart remembers glories in its tomb.

Published, Anima, UK, No.2, 2016

February 8, 2016


The wide world has its glories
In a rich complexity
But sitting watching the sun set
Is good enough for me.

Canada has six time zones
From sea to sea to sea
But one tide lapping where I sit
Is good enough for me.

The muezzins in the Saudi mosques
Wake all to pray and pee
But a rooster crowing in the bush
Is good enough for me.

And Singapore is lush and green
And managed prettily
But scrub grass and a sandy beach
Are good enough for me.
All – good enough for me.

Published online: Snakeskin 225, January 2016