January 31, 2018


A wealthy young prince called Gautama
Loathed worship of Krishna and Rama;
“It’s inside you,” he said
But, once he was dead,
He was worshipped.... That’s interesting karma!
First published in Ambit, April 2009
Republished online in Verse-Virtual, February 2018

January 26, 2018

Life Extension

Religion leers:
“Join me, or you face death,”
And History jeers,
“Inevitable death.”
But Science still adheres
To schemes to postpone death.
The path of a thousand years
Starts with a single breath.

Published online in Bewildering Stories #746, 21 January 2018

January 25, 2018

Haiku - Young Man

Where's the young man gone
Who lived in mirrors so long?
Putting old masks on.
Published online in The Asses of Parnassus, 11 January 2018

January 17, 2018

Gods on Trial

Gods on Trial

When all the old gods go on trial, loud cursed
In the High Court of Public Thought Review,
Jehovah (tribal god of bronze age Jews)
Stands of his vast pretentiousness accused:
Claims he created Heaven and Earth
When he was born six thousand years ago!
(Can’t define Heaven, doesn’t even know
If there’s a difference between Earth and Universe.)
God of the Christians and the Muslims too!
Won’t do anything against the AI
Displacing all the gods. Thor in the dock
Scratches his bull-neck, Odin his empty eye,
Zeus his cock.
The gods are human, know they face death, forgotten
As any carven deity, buried, rotten.
Concerned, they fidget restlessly -
Only Jehovah, the least self-aware,
Storms he’s exempt, blusters with beard and hair,
Thinks his small tribe is all that there can be.

Published online in Snakeskin 244, October 2017

January 15, 2018

Body Modding

It starts with teeth, for even the healthiest:
Fillings put in, and “extra” teeth pulled out
Or realigned, the whole jaw moved about,
New faces for the kids of the wealthiest.
Tonsils, appendix, out. The stealthiest
Inject, use pills, every fluid reroute
With tourniquets, with tampons, condoms... flout
Flow, through to adult nappies. Atheist
As Science makes us with creative powers,
We add pumps, implants, radio, wires, chips,
Casually as tattoos, replacement hips;
Graft patchwork skin from humans, pigs, plants, flowers,
Joined in flamboyant Frankensteinish suture,
Racing against decay to cyborg future.

Published online in Snakeskin, January 2018

April 10, 2016


They may not think of it as running away,
But at 15 they:
Entered the convent and put on the veil
Got in the pimp’s car and became a whore
Enlisted and were given a gun
Joined the sect to work for free.
              Many never got out alive.

Never join if they tell you
What food you can’t eat (for religion, not health)
What clothes you must wear (that mark you as different and owned)
What music’s forbidden (even if no one else hears)
How your hair must be cut (for organizational reasons)

Run away!
They are stealing your life with their vows and their lies!
Run away! You are under no obligation to stay!

But running away does not need to mean attempting suicide -
From that too, many never get out alive…

O young people!
At 15 it is best, if you have to leave home,
To go overseas on a high school exchange for a year.
Almost as good (but short term)
Is to run to your family’s friends
Or your friends’ families.
But if you have to leave family behind
It is better to run off and join the circus
Or move in with an artist
Or work your way round the world on a boat
And to go from idea to idea
(This is the secret. Not to get stuck in any idea. The world is too large),
Than to live with the one-idea people
Who will suck your brain dry.

You may never get out alive.

Published online: Snakeskin 225, January 2016

April 3, 2016


When Konrad Lorenz studied how small fish
Overcame lethal greedy tendency
By activating new dependency -
Called love - to build a larger fulfilled wish,
He clarified the dynamic sweep and swish
Of conquest across Earth’s wide land and sea
That gave to humans such ascendancy,
Watched warfare grow as in a petri dish.

War against Other creates Family.
The nut of war that no hard mind can crack
If opened would show God Life Blaze Attack,
Drying white hot deaths else left clammily.
So life says Outcompete! Outnumber! Breed!
Build Love of Tribe and State! Expand! Succeed!

Published online: Snakeskin 225, January 2016

March 27, 2016


There flows in my veins the most ancient of ardors:
Not power, or love, nor yet worship of God;
The fight that each tiniest baby fights hard as
Fought earliest man: “Understand!”  Pry and prod
With unquenchable flame of the world-disregarders
For Truth! – be it complex, destructive or odd.
If this fire is from Heaven, then Heaven I’ve earned;
So write on my grave: “This stone too shall be turned.”

Published in Shot Glass Journal, #18, January 2016

March 20, 2016


The future is a long low passage,
Whitewashed, undulating,
A moving forward-flowing track,
No chance of going back.

The future has no message,
Its ads are guides only to the past,
Misleaders, redesignposts,
Echoes, undefined ghosts.

The future is travelled without presage,
Always onward, none comes back.
Predestination without destination.
Stationary or walking, you’ve no final station.

The future goes on until you get off.
I won't. I will not to get off.

Published: The Rotary Dial, Toronto, January 2016

March 13, 2016


The future like an avalanche
Is roaring down the sky.
If you’ve prepared no hiding place
Then be prepared to die.
You never reason why.

The future like a question mark
Is scything humankind.
If you can see, then handle it –
You’ll be cut down if blind.
The future doesn’t mind.

The future like a giant wave
Is heading for the shore.
If you can ride that wall-like wave
It’s no wall, but a door
Into forever more.

Published: The Rotary Dial, Toronto, January 2016