November 21, 2007


The squirrel in the attic of his brain
Shreds photographs, pulls memories apart;
The old dog in the basement of his heart
Howls, lonely, soft, monotonous as rain;
And somewhere further underneath, a snake
In hibernation stirs, irked by its skin.
Up where the world’s news and supplies come in
Through the five senses of his face, to make
The room in which a garrulous parrot squawks
And sometimes songbirds sing – it’s his belief
Mice gnaw behind the wainscots of his teeth.
The cat of consciousness, impassive, walks
Toward the door to go out for the night:
Is everything (oh dog, shut up!) all right?

Published: Visions International, US, October 2007

1 comment:

  1. Hi Robin!

    Richard Vallance, editor of Sonnetto Poesia Canada here. We are pleased to be able to publish your really original sonnet, "The Squirrel in the Attic of His Brain" in the spring 2009 issue of SP, Vol. 8 no. 2. But I can't find your e-mail address in my address book. Please contact me ASAP at: so that I can send you a complimentary copy. Congratulations!
    Richard Vallance


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