February 28, 2016


My heart's a jigsaw Eschered with small hearts:
Poets: Donne, Arnold, Hopkins, Eliot, Cole – 
Ancestors: captured, wed while on parole –
Family: formed from wandering in wild parts –
Bits of my heart. A house, view of the sea –
Rain-lilies, poincianas, jasmine scent –
Azaleas, goldfish, owls, field grass rain-bent –
Cafe on loud street – quiet library –
My jigsaw's nearly done, a work of heart!
But where’s that long-lost girl-shaped piece…
Lost, it prevents the whole, prevents my peace…
I circle endlessly for that lost part,
The missing statue for the purposed plinth,
That girl lost in some Escher labyrinth.

Published: The Lyric, USA, January 2016

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